(22:07) Edwin: it was a very bizarre moment
(22:07) Inquisitor Boris: It was rather frightening at first…
(22:07) Edwin: I was happily suggesting to James that instead of playing cricket we should meet up to sword fight
(22:07) Edwin: and then suddenly his face and glasses get smashed to one side
(22:08) Edwin: as this ball whizzes past and somehow wedges into Boris’s SHOE
(22:08) Inquisitor Boris: Dark Brotherhood ball
(22:08) Edwin: would kill someone
(22:09) Edwin: or am I thinking of the Iron Ball
(22:09) Dan: This is why I chose a soft ball
(22:09) Dan: You can’t controllably throw the iron ball without moving it at a considerable velocity
(22:09) Inquisitor Boris: The IRON BALL is the Dark Brotherhood ball according to james
(22:09) Edwin: yes, of all the balls you could choose to smash someone’s face with, it was a reasonable choice
(22:10) Inquisitor Boris: hahahahha
(22:10) Dan: hahaha
(22:10) Edwin: I mean choosing the fucker ball wouldn’t be wise
(22:10) Inquisitor Boris: no
(22:10) Dan: indeed
(22:10) Inquisitor Boris: nor a real cricket ball

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