Edwin says (21:56):

let’s sacrifice James to the sea of Axe-wielding Muppets

Dan says (21:57):

Axes with boxes of rope on their necks

Widows with babies crying for becks

James in a corner, looking so dead

Fields of cornflowers, waving ahead

Dan says (21:57):

(I’m in a random mood btw)

Jim says (21:58):


Edwin says (21:58):


Edwin says (21:58):

holding felt axes

Jim says (21:58):

Kermit the Frog.

Edwin says (21:59):

and your fate is to drown and get bludgeoned to death by so many muppets they form a sea

Jim says (21:59):


Dan says (22:01):

Muppets grab axes, break down the doors

Searching with torches, scouring all floors

Hiding in vain, James lies in his bed

Ducking under covers, doesn’t realise he’s dead

Puppeteers in the bathroom, Puppeteers all around

Those axe wielding muppets, James they have found

Edwin says (22:01):


Jim says (22:01):

Just what the fukc

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