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Dan says:
*Anyway, do you own any whips?
Clawed Jimlobster says:
*Well I have a belt, I’m sure we could work something out

Clawed Jimlobster says (19:32):

Chairman GONG

Edwin says (19:34):

Chairman CHAIR

Chairman Seat

Chairman Bench

Chairman Stool

Edwin says (19:35):

Chairman Pew

Clawed Jimlobster says (19:35):


Edwin says (19:35):

Chairman Couch

Chairman Errr

Clawed Jimlobster says (19:36):

Chairman Badger

Edwin says (19:36):

Chairman Armchair

Chairman Wingback

Chairman Swivel-seat

Chairman Throne

Clawed Jimlobster says (19:36):

Chairman Sofa

Clawed Jimlobster says (19:37):

Chairman Deckchair

Edwin says (19:37):

Chairman Rockingchair

Edwin says (19:38):

all of these chairmen sit in their various chairs at the Table of the Order of the Chair and discuss chair-related bollocks

Clawed Jimlobster says (19:39):

Chairmans Ejectorseat and Evacchair attempt a rebellion but are swiftly removed from the room

Edwin says (19:40):


you have EVACCHAIRS at uni as well?

Clawed Jimlobster says (19:40):

No I just remember you telling me about one

And finding the name amusing

Edwin says (19:40):

I’m incredibly surprised you remember

Clawed Jimlobster says (19:41):

Such a ridiculous name just sticks in my mind