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He couldn’t pour shit from a boot if the instructions were on the heel.

Into speed and finesse? Look no further – try the Viroledan mini bastard sword. Featuring an extended hilt!

The Legendary Jimfish says:
The Legendary Jimfish says:
*Yes, I did find this by putting MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO into google.

(20:35) Nephelokokkygia: Sorry
(20:35) Nephelokokkygia: went to dig an ‘ole
(20:40) Nephelokokkygia: I now smell of soil
(20:53) Edwin: you dug your food out of the ground?
(20:53) Edwin: actually, digging holes late in the evening is usually suspicious
(20:53) Nephelokokkygia: I was burying a corpse
(20:53) Edwin: of what?
(20:53) Nephelokokkygia: my father
(20:53) Edwin: hmmmm
(20:53) Nephelokokkygia: (this is evidently a lie)
(20:54) Nephelokokkygia: A chicken
(20:54) Edwin: hahahahahahah

Dan says:
I must be interesting on that basis because my whole FACE is made out of icecream

Edwin says:
*James invents Salt and Vinegar cigars
Nephelokokkygia says:
*salt and vinegar smoke
Edwin says:
*that’s right, they taste and smell like salt and vinegar!
Edwin says:
*(not available for human consumption)
Edwin says:
*because smoking the chemicals used will most likely kill you
Nephelokokkygia says:
*Mad scientists
Edwin says:
**draws on cigar* “Mmmmm!!” *cough cough* (DIES)